Privacy policy

Information we collect

In addition to the information you enter through our services, we also collect:

  • information transmitted by your document requests, such as device information and Internet Protocol address, and
  • publically available information from your profile with your authentication provider (for example, your public Facebook profile).

How we use the collected information

We use the information to improve the relevance of ads we present and the quality of the services we provide. Only accountable personnel from Cognimeta, its contractors or its agents will be given access the the collected information, and only when it is necessary to carry out their functions.

Information we share

We may share information from your account when you direct us to by issuing a request to post information to a third party (for example by e-mail or a Facebook post).

We may share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information with our partners and publicly.

Information security

When logged-in, your communication with our services are encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security). At the moment session tokens are kept within URLs so you must not share urls when logged in. We will add distinct cookie-based session tokens in the future, which will make URLs insufficient to gain access to you account.

We rely on third parties, such as Facebook, to authenticate your identity. You must take care to secure your accounts with these third-parties. For example you should selecting strong passwords.


Our Privacy Policy may change occasionally. You will be notified, through our applications or by e-mail, of changes that would reduce your rights.